Got Jersey? We Got Three!

Growing up around my grandparents house, there was one slogan that guided our entire childhood.

Got Milk? 

Milk Mustaches were the cool thing, because it meant that you got milk. It also meant we were that family that bought six to seven gallons per week at the grocery store, because we told Mom that we couldn’t drink anything else.

Now once again we are finding that we are that family, but for a slightly different slogan.

Got Jersey? 


This weekend we went out and expanded our herd once more (If you think about it, we almost doubled our herd). We bought three Jersey springers that are due to calve within the next month.

When we got to the farm we were placed in the dry cow/heifer pen and given a list of seven or eight to choose from. Knowing that all came from good genetics, we chose the three that were due to calve the soonest. Since they aren’t due for a couple weeks, they will also have time to adjust to their new home. IMG_0393

So instead of worrying about milk mustaches and gallons of milk (which still are priorities), we are adjusting to the life of being Jersey dairy farmers.

The gates get tied double just in case one of our curious creatures decides to let herself out with her tongue and we are preparing to be annoyed by their friendliness rather than unsociability.

Meet the cows that have made their way into our heart and our herd.


This beauty is the oldest of the bunch and is due to calve February 27.



This gorgeous animal turns two on Wednesday and is due to calve sometime around February 17. IMG_0415


This wild thing is the soonest one to calve. We are expecting her little one to arrive around February 11, just in time for Valentines Day.


We have three calves on the way and three animals headed towards being milking members of our herd.


Keep on the lookout for lots of cute pictures and stories about these three in the weeks to come.


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