Real Dairies, Real Farmers, Real Stories

This week has served as a reminder for me how important educating about and advocating for the dairy industry is. The dairy industry is a vital thread to many families and communities throughout the country. Milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products line the grocery store aisles and these same products are jammed into the refrigerators of families. Many of the individuals who consume these products won’t ever step onto a dairy farm. This blog and blogs like it serve to be a bridge between your homes and our farms. 

This reminder has come to me in two ways this week. 

First Reminder: My best friend of over 16 years made the long trek up to our house this weekend. It was our weekend to work. So, the minute my friend, Lauren, walked into our house, I began layering her with warm clothes in hopes that she would stay warm on the farm in the sub degree temperatures.

The weekend was a whirlwind of afternoon milking, late-night chats, early morning breakfasts and milking, and a chance for her to step into the world of dairy (if only for less than 24 hours). Lauren had never been on a dairy farm before and had quite a few questions about what Brett and I do. It was so rewarding to explain this important part of my life to a friend who is so dear to me.

It reminded me of what I hope that this blog accomplishes: A door into a otherwise unknown lifestyle. 12494747_10156437453290268_437531615555001169_n.jpg

Second Reminder: Blogging has allowed me to connect to so many other people who are trying to do the same thing as I am. Recently, I connected with another “accidental farmer/”, who blogs, through several friends of mine. Ally’s blog, The Speckled Goat, often features interviews from other farmers who blog. This week I have the honor to be featured in her blog

This experience was a reminder of journey I have walked to get to this place and a reminder of my desire to keep telling my story. I can tell you all the information and dairy facts that you could possibly want, but it is not until you know my story that it really matters to you.

Real dairies. Real Farmers. Real Stories. 


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