Countdown To The New Year

This year has been quite something. I simply can’t imagine what will come in the next year. Help us countdown the new year with this countdown through our 2015.

January: Brett started a new job driving truck (that was non-dairy related).

February: Life continued and we celebrated valentines day by enjoying some good ole’ Northwestern Theatre.

March: I got nothing so enjoy this little video!

April: We celebrated Brett’s birthday and he got the opportunity to go to the dairy challenge in New York (a side trip to the moon may or may not have happened).


May: Brett graduates from college with a degree in animal science.


June: We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary!

IMG_8552 HSM Art.jpg

(and bought our first cow!)


July: The month that we thought maybe we would move to Tyndall, SD in 2016.


August: We went crazy doing everyone else’s chores while they were on vacation. This did include a weekend choring for a jersey dairy. What a blast!


I also had my first last day of classes at Northwestern College.

September: Brett began his job at County Edge Dairy!


October: We went cow shopping (again)! We bought Annabelle, Cocoa, and Daisy.

cow shopping.jpg

November: Buttercup became part of our milking herd when she gave birth to bull #6232012.

FullSizeRender copy

It was also a fun thanksgiving with the cows.


December: We celebrated Christmas by buying ourselves a new house.


It has been a busy year and we thank everyone who has been apart of our journey! I can guarantee it probably won’t get any calmer in 2016.

Follow us into the new year to see us featured in The Speckled Goat’s Feature Farm Series and to learn more about Calf management (Birth to Weaning)!

We have been so blessed! Here’s to 2016. 


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