The Nuts and Bolts of the Dairy Industry

So I love cows and I love milk.

Despite this, there are quite a few people outside the dairy industry that look in and don’t understand or don’t approve of various practices. I believe that some of this disapproval stems from a lack of knowledge about and experience in the dairy industry.

My goal is to be able to advocate for and educate people about what a real-life dairy operation looks like.

There are quite a few people that are actively advocating for the dairy industry and have been very inspirational to my journey as a blogger.

Let me introduce you to several that I have found most interesting and informative.

Dairy Carrie was so well received as a blogger that she began to write a monthly column in Dairy Herd Management. Carrie has a great passion for cows and works on her 100-cow family dairy farm. She covers a variety of topics from cow comfort to stories about her own cows. This blog allows a place for me to dig deeper on different dairy topics. I am by no means an expert on dairy and it’s good to have places like this to consult with someone who has more experience

Cow Spots and Tales follows the journey of an average dairy wife. This blog specifically follows a cow named Henrietta. She is a calf that was born on the dairy. This allows the readers to follow the life of one particular cow, and get to know it in the same way a farmer might. This blog gives me a good picture of what it looks like to be able to inform non-dairy readers about the importance of dairy life, including thinking of the cows differently.

Dairy farming isn’t always easy and it isn’t always pretty. A Farm Girl’s Fight takes the perspective that the dairy industry should be honest with the public. Just because dairy life isn’t always pretty doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be talked about. Life, in general, isn’t easy and dairy life is not an exception. This blog tries to tell the truth about dairy farming, spots and all.

Girlmeetsfarm is a blog that really hits home for me. This blog tells the story of a couple that grew up in the city, now they are dairy farmers. I often feel like I won’t make it as a dairy farmer, but reminders like this blog allow me to see that the journey is worth it, which helps me on my own journey with Brett.

Life on a real California dairy farm is written by a dairy farmer who has a passion for educating readers about where their food comes from. She believes that there often times, are disconnects between farms and dinner tables. By telling her life stories, she hopes that others will be better educated about how farms like hers are connected to the food they eat.

Sometimes it’s not just enough to hear about how dairies work, though. Wisconsin Dairy Farmer is a blog that allows the reader to connect with the dairy visually through pictures. Each picture comes with a description, but instead of experiencing the farm only through words, the reader is able to better visualize what it means to be a part of the dairy industry.

The online dairy farm conversation is driven by the passion of those who live this life and love it. There is a lot more too the conversation than what appears at the surface. Besides the resources above, I often use this list to find other blogs of interest. The dairy industry is ever changing and the conversation is ever growing.

Which is why I am all in as both dairy farmer and blogger: coveralls, boots, udder mint, and laptop.

Here we go!

Up next: The Future of Dairy Begins with Calving


2 thoughts on “The Nuts and Bolts of the Dairy Industry

    • It was very helpful! Thank you so much. So far I have found it very rewarding and a great outlet to talk about a topic that I don’t always get to talk about in daily life.


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